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UK’s Most Reliable Suppliers of Block Salt, Tablet Salt & PDV Salt

PureSalt is the UK’s most reliable supplier of salt in the UK and the best place to get great deals on all types of salt including water softener salt and PDV salt. On our online shop, you will find high-quality salt products for all applications.

At PureSalt, we only supply salt and salt blocks whose purity, integrity and packaging are up to standards. Our team has an in-depth understanding of our suppliers and use this to select brands and types of salt that are we are confident are excellent quality. For this reason, homes and businesses across the UK buy thousands of tonnes of salt from us every single year.

We pride ourselves on our excellent quality products, friendly customer service, and fast delivery. 

Shop at PureSalt today to enjoy great deals and FREE delivery on all orders to mainland UK postcodes. Our team is on hand to offer friendly expertise if you should require assistance or have any questions about our salt products. For more information, you can contact us via phone: 01728 745 910 or email:


Our Salt Products:

  • Kinetico block salt
  • Aquasol block salt
  • Hydrosoft tablet salt
  • Aquasol tablet salt
  • Hydrosoft granular salt
  • PDV and IVS salt
  • De-icing salt


Some of Our Best-Sellers Include:

Water Softener Salt

PureSalt is a supplier of the most reputable brands of tablet salt and water softener block salt including Kinetico and Aquasol, the very best block salt for treating hard water. Our range includes 8kg bags of Kinetico block salt, 10kg bags and 25kg bags of tablet salt. Suitable for all types of water softener, our water softener salt is also available to buy in bulk for larger users including our many commercial customers.

Granular Salt

Granular salt has a range of uses including for regeneration of water softeners, dishwashers and swimming pools. At PureSalt, we supply Hydrosoft granular salt which is the very best granular salt brand on the market and is suitable for all dishwashers and granular salt water softeners. Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, our granular salt is available to buy in both 10 and 25kg bags. 

PDV Salt

PDV salt (also known as table salt) is a fine-grade and versatile salt, ideal for a wide range of uses. We supply Glacia food-grade PDV salt which is of exceptional purity, perfect for all commercial food production and animal feed applications, as well as salt based swimming pools. 25kg bags of PDV salt are available to buy in any quantity on our website and come packed in easy to store bags for your convenience.


PureSalt guarantees:

  • Competitive Prices
  • Quality Assured Products
  • Fast & Reliable Delivery Service


Providing a Personal Service to Homes and Hospitals, Farms and Factories

We are a family business, whose loyal staff choose to work for PureSalt because we put people first. As a result, the service that we provide to every customer is personal. Leadership from one of the most experienced and respected figures in the UK salt industry, means that PureSalt’s customers receive the best expert advice. 

While our deep understanding of the production and logistics challenges facing the salt producers and importers, has enabled us to maintain salt supply to PureSalt’s customers in even the most trying of circumstances. As a result we are trusted to supply customers such as the NHS, the University of Cambridge, leading hotels and leisure centres. 

Commercial & Domestic

PureSalt is pleased to supply both commercial and domestic customers. Whether you require bulk tankers; full artic lorry loads of packed product; single pallets with tail-lift unload; or just a few bags for your home. We supply major brewers, food processors and poultry farmers. Along with a myriad of schools, care homes and small businesses. As well as thousands of domestic customers requiring a few bags of salt for their water softener.

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PureSalt is the UK’s leading salt distributor, supplying thousands of tonnes of salt to businesses and homes every year. We use our in-depth understanding and industry knowledge to select salt products that we know are outstanding quality, suitable for both domestic and commercial use. We can also guarantee the most competitive prices available for the best brands of salt. 

Whatever your requirements, we’re always happy to share our expert advice with our customers. If you require assistance, have any questions or require further delivery information, contact us via phone: 01728 745 910 or email: today.