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PureSalt is KindWater’s dedicated national salt distributor.

The UK’s most reliable salt distributor, supplying thousands of tonnes of salt each year to BUSINESS and HOME.

Providing a personal service to homes and hospitals, farms and factories

We are a family business, whose loyal staff choose to work for PureSalt because we put people first. As a result, the service that we provide to every customer is personal. Leadership from one of the most experienced and respected figures in the UK salt industry, means that PureSalt’s customers receive the best expert advice. While our deep understanding of the production and logistics challenges facing the salt producers and importers, has enabled us to maintain salt supply to PureSalt’s customers in even the most trying of circumstances.

As a result we are trusted to supply customers such as the NHS, the University of Cambridge, leading hotels and leisure centres. We supply major brewers, food processors and poultry farmers. Along with a myriad of schools, care homes and small businesses. As well as thousands of domestic customers requiring a few bags of salt for their water softener.

The leading salt experts

PureSalt’s management team includes:

  • The former Marketing Manager of the UK’s main salt manufacturer.
  • The former Sales Manager for the UK’s leading salt importer.

The result is an exceptionally broad knowledge of the capabilities of both UK and overseas salt producers. And preferred distributor status for the widest range of quality products.

Salt expertise on all sources, grades and applications of salt

Salt is the world’s third largest commodity by weight. So it is no surprise that there are a lot of different grades and applications, including

  • Salt types – vacuum, sea (or solar), rock.
  • Salt grades – fine, coarse, granular, tablet, block.
  • Salt applications – agricultural, de-icing (or winter), food, industrial, water treatment (or softening).

Whatever your requirement, we will be pleased to advice on the options available to you.

Serving customers of every size

PureSalt is pleased to supply customers large and small. Whether you require bulk tankers; full artic lorry loads of packed product; single pallets with tail-lift unload; or just a few bags for your home.

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