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Block Salt

Salt blocks for water softeners

These high purity bricks of salt are intended for use in block salt water softeners.

Each block is individually manufactured by filling a mould with undoped fine salt (table salt) and applying very high pressure. Consistency of compression is essential to achieving a block that does not crumble in the pack or fall apart in water. PDV (vacuum salt) is the best feed salt for this purpose, because of its consistent particle size distribution. With the added benefit that it is very pure, with low level of insolubles.

Normally block salt is sold in 8 kg packs, with two 4 kg blocks in each pack. And a handle for easy carrying. The leading brands also include small ‘grip’ indents in the sides of the blocks, to make them easier to hold when lowering into the salt cabinet of the water softener.

The brands that have established a reputation in the UK for reliable quality are Kinetico block salt and Aquasol. Harvey and TwinTec block salt are widely sold and mostly good, although there have been quality problems following the recent relocation of some of the manufacture to outside Europe. Other brands imported from new producers outside Europe have also started to appear, with very mixed results.

Kinetico block salt deliveries by PureSalt

Kinetico are the world leaders in water softening technology and their salt is suitable for use in all of the main brands of block salt water softener.

PureSalt is the salt distribution arm of water softening specialists KindWater and a leading supplier of Kinetico salt. Whether you require a few bags, a pallet or a full lorry load, we deliver across the UK at highly competitive prices.

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