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Marsel 0.2-0.8 Food Salt is a fine grade sea salt. This naturally occuring product can be used as a direct substitute for PDV salt (table salt), without the need to adjust recipes. The standard product includes anticaking agent, but can also be supplied without anticaking agent for organic applications,

The Marsel range is manufactured to food grade standards using very pure, refined sea salt. Ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including food and animal feed. With the added benefit of a much lower carbon footprint than PDV.

The Marsel Food Salt products are available in a wide range of particle sizes, from the very fine 0-0.2mm up to the coarse 4-6mm. Giving the perfect product for every application, from snacks, bagels, cheese, meat & fish curing to bath salts.

The Marsel range includes several additive free options (no anti-caking agent or E numbers), ideal for organic food production. As well as the option of iodised salt. Customers with food or specialist applications are encouraged to contact the PureSalt team, so that we can discuss the best product for your application.