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A Salt Price You Can Trust

We aim to earn the trust of each new customer, so that you keep coming back to PureSalt for years to come. And the key to our success is making sure that we are the most reliable supplier of the best quality products at consistently competitive prices. So that you can rest assured that every salt price from PureSalt represents great value.

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The three steps that help us to keep your salt price low

  1. We work with a wide range of UK & overseas salt producers, to ensure that we are buying quality products at the lowest price from the best value sources.
  2. We partner with a wide range of logistics companies, to ensure efficient and cost effective delivery.
  3. We employ a loyal team with the skills needed to be highly productive and get it right first time.

Salt for Work

The ideal service for many commercial customers is a single pallet delivery on our three day service. The minimum delivery quantity is normally 500 kg (480 kg for block salt), with a lower cost per bag for pallets with 1000 kg and for full pallets (1152-1225 kg depending on product required). Click here to see salt prices or Contact us and we’ll be pleased to answer any questions that you may have.

For customers requiring multiple pallet deliveries or full loads of packed or bulk products, we offer customised quotes that reflect the volume and haulage costs involved. Contact us and we’ll be pleased to advise on how we can best meet your requirements.

Salt for Home

Our many customers buying salt for their homes are welcome to Click here to see salt prices and shop online. For customers in East Anglia we can hand deliver as little as 80 kg of salt on our own small vehicle. While customers nationwide can order delivery to their drive of 500 kg (480 kg for block salt) or more of salt, using our national pallet carrier network.

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National delivery of palletised and bulk salt products or local delivery within East Anglia, from a few bags upwards

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