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Salt delivery options

PureSalt is KindWater’s dedicated salt delivery operation, supplying approximately 10,000 tonnes of salt annually.

Supplying packed and bulk product, from individual pallets through to full lorries, tippers or air-discharge tankers.

Please talk to us if you need any advice about providing safe access or disposing of any pallets supplied.

Salt Delivery to Homes & Hospitals, Farms & Factories, Shops & Utilities

Salt deliveries to homes

Local delivery of a few bags (CB, CM, CO, IP, NR)

Local deliveries from 80 kg up to 250 kg of bagged salt on our own vans.

Deliveries are nearly always within a fortnight. While the complexities of routing and traffic mean that we can’t let you know exactly when to expect it, if you order online we will email you the day before delivery.

Please advise us of an easily accessed location where we can leave your salt, in case you are out when we deliver.

Nationwide pallet salt deliveries

National deliveries of salt bags on a pallet

A pallet delivery network is used for bagged salt from 480 kg up to 1225 kg.

Pallets up to 1000 kg will be unloaded to the kerbside using a tail-lift. The driver may move the pallet a short distance over suitable, level ground. The customer has final responsibility for moving and unloading the salt.

For any pallet weighing more than 1000 kg, the customer will need to unload the pallet using a suitable fork lift truck.

Nationwide bulk salt deliveries

Large commercial salt deliveries by the experts

For customers requiring multi-pallet, bulk or specialist deliveries.

The PureSalt team are experts in the logistics of salt deliveries. Whether you need a specific type of vehicle to access your site. Or the most cost-effective way to reliably supply your regular salt requirements.

For a service custom-made to your requirements, call our dedicated team of salt experts on 01728 745 910.

For more information contact our team of friendly salt experts and we will be pleased to help.

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National delivery of palletised and bulk salt products or local delivery within East Anglia, from a few bags upwards

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