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Salt help – Frequently Asked Questions

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What size bags are available? The standard size is 25 kg. 10 kg bags (with a handle) are also widely available. Some products can be supplied in 1 tonne bags (IBCs). While Block Salt only comes in 8 kg packs (two 4 kg blocks in a bag with a handle).

What size are the pallets? Most vacuum salt products are supplied on standard UK pallets (1200 mm x 1000 mm). Block Salt is supplied on Euro pallets (1200 mm x 800 mm), as are most sea salt products.

How many bags on a pallet? For 25 kg a full pallet has 49 bags, with 39 & 20 bag options for those without a forklift. For 10 kg a full pallet has either 120 or 100 bags (depending on product), with 97 & 50 bag options. For 8 kg a full pallet has 144 bags, with 120 & 60 bag options.

When is a fork-lift required? Pallet carriers will use a tail-lift to offload a pallet up to 1 tonne (39 x 25 kg or 97 x 10 kg or 120 x 8 kg). Heavier pallets will require a fork-lift to unload.

How many bags can I have delivered? We deliver as little as 1 box nationally by parcel carrier, with each box containing 1 x 25 kg or 2 x 10 kg or 3 x 8 kg. Larger quantities are delivered on pallets i.e. quantities of 20 x 25 kg or 50 x 10 kg or 60 x 8 kg (and above).

Why has my bag of salt gone solid? Most fine salt and some granular salt is treated with anti-caking agent to reduce its tendency to stick together. However over several months, some salt to salt bonding will start to occur. This is normally easily rectified by dropping the bag a couple of times on its end from shin or knee height.

Why is there powder in my bag of tablet salt? Tablet salt is made by compacting Fine Salt into tablet shapes. Any rough edges on these tablets will rub during handling, leaving a small amount of Fine Salt in the bottom of the bag. A little salt dust is harmless, but larger amounts should be thrown away.

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